The principals of Monmouth Equity Partners know that nothing is more important than our reputation.  In approaching the real estate investment process, we strive to treat sellers, tenants, contractors, lenders and vendors the way we want to be treated.

After identifying a suitable project, we will carefully develop a real estate program based on a property’s distinctive characteristics.  Monmouth Equity Partners will quickly arrange for a visit to the site for a physical inspection followed by an in-depth review of all pertinent property details such as tenancy, leases, income and expense analysis, physical conditions, zoning and environmental issues.

We have established relationships with highly skilled professionals including top consultants, bankers, appraisers, contractors, real estate brokers and engineers.  We insist on attention to detail and quality work from our team.  With a thorough understanding of the property and the market, our unique team of professionals will realistically determine the viability of each transaction.  If you are selling us a property, our professional and efficient style, evident from start to finish, will increase the likelihood of success for your transaction.

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