Monmouth Equity Partners recognizes the challenges facing today’s business owners and looks to find creative and efficient real estate solutions for your facility needs so you can focus on running your business. Unlike larger institutional owners who tend to treat tenants like numbers and whose principals you rarely, if ever, meet, we believe a property owner should be accessible and accountable to its tenants. In short, we treat you like the valued customer that you are.

When you visit our property for an inspection tour of one of our available spaces, we come prepared with the information you need to make a decision. However, providing you with floor plans, operating information and in-depth building details, is only the beginning. Our architect can create a custom conceptual space plan so you will know how your personnel and equipment will fit and operate most efficiently. We will construct the space as agreed in a prompt fashion and get you in and operating in the shortest possible time.

We strive to keep our buildings clean and in excellent working order. Problems are addressed in a timely, efficient and thorough manner. Our commitment to our tenants results in unparalleled service and reflects our pride in ownership.

We only hire professionals to maintain the facility’s systems, grounds and parking areas and their work is monitored on a regular basis. We maintain good relations with municipal personnel for our tenants' benefit and make sure we are in compliance with building codes and regulations at all times. Finally, we keep you informed of all future space availabilities so that in the event your space needs change, you have every opportunity to meet those needs without the expense of moving.

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